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Conduit Products

Steel EMT Elbows



Used to make a 22.5º,30º,45º or 90º 

bend between two lengths of 

thin-wall or EMT conduit.



1. Curvature of the conduit is used to

 fit specific locations and/or

 make tures or change directions.

2. Concrete tight when taped

3. Made of steel and 

zinc plated for corrosion resistance


Standard Material:

Steel tube


Standard Finish:

Zinc Plated


Meet : UL797






90º 45º 30º 22.5º
ELE90-50 ELE45-50 / / 1/2"
ELE90-75 ELE45-75 / / 3/4"
ELE90-100 ELE45-100 ELE30-100 ELE22-100 1"
ELE90-125 ELE45-125 ELE30-125 ELE22-125 11/4"
ELE90-150 ELE45-150 ELE30-150 ELE22-150 11/2"
ELE90-200 ELE45-200 ELE30-200 ELE22-200 2"
ELE90-250 ELE45-250 ELE30-250 ELE22-250 21/2"
ELE90-300 ELE45-300 ELE30-300 ELE22-300 3"
ELE90-350 ELE45-350 ELE30-350 ELE22-350 31/2"
ELE90-400 ELE45-400 ELE30-400 ELE22-400 4" 

Address:No.1 Tianyuan Road, Lingxian County, Dezhou, Shandong P.R.China
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